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Dharmaraja College, Kandy, Sri Lanka (est. 1887)

Located on a hilltop overlooking Kandy Lake, Dharmaraja College, Kandy is one of Sri Lanka's oldest Buddhist schools. A Boys' School with around 150 Teaching Staff and around 4000 students (who go by the name of 'Rajans'), Dharmaraja College has been a leading educational establishment in Sri Lanka and has produced the country with many renown figures in disciplines ranging from science, politics, arts to sports. The prolific list of Dharmaraja's Old Boys include the likes of E.A. Gunasinghe, William Gopallawa, T.B. Kehelgamuwa and many others.

Proud History of Dharmaraja College, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Founded by Henry Steele Olcott, Dharmaraja College, Kandy is one of the premier Buddhist Schools in the country boasting a prolific history of more than 120 years since 30th of June 1887. During this time, it has gifted the nation of Sri Lanka and the world with thousands of good citizens excelling in all disciplines. Dharmaraja, with the rare privilege of being named after Lord Buddha himself, has been a beacon of knowledge and intellect providing hope and guidance for the whole of Sri Lanka during its struggle for independence, and later in its quest of building itself as a nation. (courtesy wikipedia)


Rajans in the Middle East

Guys, spread the word! Please forward the link ( to any past student of Dharmalaja College who lives in the Middle East.

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CONGRATULATIONS MEADA, We are proud of you all. The appeal from Middle East Old Rajans shows how much service you all are doing to our alma-mater's glory. Go ahead! OBU UK, DAANA, OBU Australia, MEADA combination will be a tower of strength to the Rajan Brotherhood to create that TRUE RAJAN SPIRIT.

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